Day: February 3, 2017

Thoughts on Negative Reviews

Posted February 3, 2017 by Emily in Uncategorized / 9 Comments

I was sitting at dinner with my parents a few days ago and my sister asked me, “You post a lot about books you love and sometimes books that are only OK, do you ever really hate a book?” and I thought about it. Of course, I hate a book sometimes. I try really hard to stop reading and mark books I hate DNF. I tell myself I don’t have time to read things I don’t like.

This is always a struggle for me though. An author took the time and put the tears and effort into a book. Shouldn’t I at least finish it? I know DNF reviews bother a lot of authors because they feel like if the reader just could get to the end, they would end up liking the book. I’m constantly at war with myself over books that I don’t like. Especially if I feel like I should like it.

DNF or Not?

I really struggled with this in September. Suddenly, I had a lot of long anticipated sequels in my hands and I devoured them. I read them one after the other and they were all…. Disappointing. This was a real blow for me and it sent me into a blogging/reading slump spiral that I’m still trying to escape from. 3 sequels that I couldn’t have been more excited about and all three of them didn’t live up to the first book. I walked away wondering if I would even finish any of these series.

So why didn’t those reviews hit the blog? It happens to everyone. It’s a known thing in the book world. Sometimes books are disappointing! Personally though, I just don’t post much about books I don’t like. Negative reviews are even easier for me to write than positive ones because there’s usually specific things that cause me to put the book down. I just can’t bring myself to focus on negativity for any longer than I have to. Yes, I didn’t like the book. Yes, I did not like it so much I didn’t finish it. For me that’s enough. I blog for fun and I don’t really enjoy writing posts about books that I didn’t like. Just like I don’t have the desire to spend an ounce more energy on a book I didn’t like.

How did your first slump start?  Do you find you post more positive or negative reviews?