Month: June 2017


Posted June 21, 2017 by Emily in Discussion / 2 Comments

This is so hard. I’ve been so busy. This is the first time I’ve had a minute to myself in WEEKS and I have sat here watching the cursor bling for an hour. My blogging motivation is gone. I just want to nap.

Parenting is HARD.

We went from 0 to 4 kids in the last 3 months. Then, 3 days after we became a family of 6, I left for 2 weeks working on the road. My husband is amazing and kept the house running smoothly. He had some help and I came home to his new appreciation for everything I do.

I swore I would be months ahead on my blog when I had all the ‘free’ time, out of town for work. Instead I worked. I didn’t write any blog posts and my impromptu hiatus continued.

Now I’m home and I need to figure out my new normal. I still love books. I’m still committed to the book community. I just need to figure out what that looks like.

I’ve always wanted to start a family. This is a dream come true. However, going into this, my biggest fear was I would lose what little magic I’ve found in the book community and the blogging world. I don’t want that to happen. Please be patient with me. I’m still here. I’m determined to figure this out.