Air Awakens: Affinity Overview

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One of the best parts of Air Awakens is the magic! Everyone has a different type of magic, called an Affinity. There are four different Affinities and they are all completely different. They come from different areas and they each have their own aspects.  In early October, Elise Kova did a series of posts about the different Affinities. She has been kind enough to let me post some snippets here. Make sure you click over to her posts to read the entire descriptions!

windwalker Air AwakensImage: Elisa Kova

The magic of the Windwalker is control over air and wind.

They thrive in open environments with access to plenty of air. Fairly balanced magic, there are a number of combat applications from withdrawing air from an enemyÂ’s lungs to leveraging the power of gusts and storms.

WindwalkerÂ’s Affinity of the Self lies in the mind. They are able to project their mind beyond their bodies by riding along magical currents.

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Waterrunner Air AwakensImage: Elise Kova

The magic of the Waterrunner is control over water in all its forms.

The ability to command the smallest amount of moisture makes Waterrunners practical sorcerers with a variety of applications. They can manipulate droplets of water in the air to make illusions. Waterrunners also have the ability to form ice weaponry by conjuring the element, should they be forced to fight.

Because of the fluid nature of their element they are able to feel and observe magical channels in other sorcerers.

Waterrunners Affinity of the Self is the ability to hear the past recorded in items, brought out from the ripples of water.

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Firebearer Air Awakens
Image: Elise Kova

The magic of the Firebearer is control over flames.

From small tongues of fire to infernos, Firebearers can summon and control flames. A Firebearer’s magical strength, relative to others, is much more important than the other Affinities. Firebearers can burn through most any ice or wood that Waterrunners or Groundbreakers (respectively) can conjure if they are stronger than the sorcerers who conjured them. If a Firebearer is magically superior they can also steal control of another Firebearer’s flames and burn them.

Magical overpowering aside, Firebearers cannot be burned. With their skills in generating flames and heat they are often jewelers or smiths, being able to temper and manage molten metal. But, that’s not the only way Firebearers can earn their keep. Firebearers Affinity of the Self is a rare gift to use flames to peer into the future. Sorcerers who possess this gift are few and far-between, a talent that is natural and cannot be learned to any extent. Those with the gift sometimes open curiosity shops, where daring and inquisitive souls can ask a question about their future.

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Groundbreaker Air AwakensImage: Elise Kova

The magic of Groundbreakers is control over earth.

Groundbreakers have a mastery over natural formations. They can create new structures out of raw earth and prompt plants to grow. Clerical potions and salves are more effective on Groundbreakers, being attune with them, and nearly all poisons are ineffective, as they cannot be harmed by their own element (unless the poison was crafted by a more powerful sorcerer).

The stone skin of the Groundbreaker cannot be penetrated by normal measures. It takes a sorcerer with magic of greater skill to burn or cut through (with an ice dagger) their hardened flesh. With stone skin, their only weak spot is their open eyes.

The GroundbreakerÂ’s Affinity of the Self is one of healing. While nearly all Groundbreakers can make effective clerics, some possess skill far beyond natural talent. These talented few can treat bones like stones, mending and hardening them, or mend flesh as easily as they would a torn leaf.

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Air Awakens Affinity QuizImage: Elise Kova

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