ARC Review: Edge of Wild

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ARC Review: Edge of WildEdge of Wild by Danika Stone
Series: Waterton #1
Published by Stonehouse Publishing on May 1, 2016
Genres: Thriller, suspense, Adult
Pages: 329
Format: Paperback
Source: Free for Review
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Transplanted from New York City to the tiny mountain town of Waterton, Alberta with the task of saving a floundering new hotel, Rich Evans is desperate to return to the city as soon as he can. The locals seem unusually hostile towards his efforts, or maybe even menacing, and was that a cougar on his door-step last night? As Rich begins to wonder whether his predecessor disappeared of his own accord, he finds himself strongly drawn to Louise Newman, the garage mechanic who is fixing his suddenly unreliable BMW, and the only person in Waterton who doesnÂ’t seem desperate to run him out of town. As Rich works on the hotel, the town is torn apart by a series of gruesome, unsolved murders. With Louise as his only ally in a town that seems set against him, Rich canÂ’t help but wonder: will he be the next victim?

Edge of Wild was really different from other books I’ve read this year. It was a suspense thriller and the entire time I had no idea what was going on. I loved it for that! I was on the edge of my seat, continually wondering what was happening, who was the enemy and where the next blow was coming from.

Hands down, my absolute favorite part about this novel was the collected cast of townsfolk. This novel is set in a very small town in Canada that is inside a Canadian National Park. Rich Evans is brought to the town for work. I liked Rich but I loved watching him push against the established norms of the town. I really identified with him. He’s a go getter and he likes to get stuff done. I’m the same exact way. He keeps stirring up trouble, wanting to change everything and the town pushes back.

I also loved Lou. I wish that there was more about her in the story. Lou is a very special lady with a gift that I wanted to hear more about. If there was one thing that I wished this book included, it would definitely be more Lou. Her role wasn’t small but it definitely was supporting. I would love to see her as the star of a companion novel in the future.

This novel was creepy and unexpected but not scary. It was a perfect example of what a thriller should be and it leaves out the boring police procedural side that a lot of thrillers get bogged down in. Pick this up for a wild ride with a great twist ending.




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  1. […] Edge of Wild was a real surprise when I read it last year.  When I was reading it, I loved all the different characters and especially Lou. The only thing that I thought it was missing was more information about Lou. I wanted a companion novel that focused more on Lou in the future. […]

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