Awesome Indies: The Big Book of Post-Collapse Fun by Rachel Sharp

For more information, check out the Awesome Indies page Rachel Sharp is here today to talk about the struggle of being an author and living with a chronic illness. She is a tough lady and that shines through in her writing. I love how she compares her writing to an escape. Thank you for this beautiful guest post! Rachel Sharp As a reader and writer, there is nothing that I cannot do. I can fly with dragons and swim with dolphins. I can score winning goals and cast magic spells. I can even travel through time. As an ordinary person, I cannot climb stairs without assistance. This mind-boggling contrast gives me trouble sometimes, but itÂ’s the life of a disabled author. There are quite a few of us. Some live with the result of serious injury or an imbalance of brain chemistry. Personally, I live with an autoimmune disease, which means that my body is trying to kill itself and my job is to stop it. My doctors have been tremendously helpful. Sometimes it does get a bit old, cycling through various clinics to have blood taken out, vitamins put in, scans scanned, and monitors monitored, but it is orders of magnitude better than going untreated. While I am receiving treatment, I still have both pain and limitations. I canÂ’t go out drinking anymore, although as I close out … Continue reading Awesome Indies: The Big Book of Post-Collapse Fun by Rachel Sharp