Awesome Indies: Uriel by Angie Anomalous

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Awesome Indies: Uriel by Angie AnomalousUriel by Angie Anomalous
Series: The Hallowed Chronicles #1
Published by Angie Anomalous on November 11th 2014
Pages: 190
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“The Archangels were completed and taken in, given powers not like ours. You are the only ones who can stop the End of Days. You must; all our worlds depend on you.”
After waking underground, sixteen-year-old Uriel struggles to remember her past and where she came from. Taken in by a woman named Nikita, she is introduced to a world of angels and demons; a world balanced by the light of God and the dark of Lucifer. As questions surface, secrets are revealed and Uriel is faced with the inevitable truth; she, along with seven others, is an Archangel made by the hand of Man. Separated from the others, Uriel is thrown into the thick of the human world. Expected to blend in, she keeps her wings hidden and waits to be reunited with her kin.
The world is only beginning its end when she meets seventeen-year-old Jophiel, and she immediately notices a strong connection with him. Together, they find that time is running out, and the other archangels have yet to come forth. The longer she is awake, the more the world begins to crumble as darkness threatens to overpower the light. As her past comes flooding back, she finds that JophielÂ’s existence is more than just a coincidence; itÂ’s fate. Together, they are faced with corrupted truths and an even bigger problem than just the End of Days. As the human raceÂ’s existence is threatened, Uriel finds herself fighting the realization that without her kin, every world is at risk, and she could lose much more than just herself.


Within the darkness that clouded my vision, I floated, silent as a feather falling from the heavens. I had no senses on the outside of my body; instead, I waited from the inside for something I couldn’t remember. Here, I stood silently in the shadows, wondering where I really was and what my purpose was. Residual voices have told me of a great destiny I’m supposed to prepare for, but how can I prepare when I have yet to find out who I really am?

The world I was stuck in was complicated; even the simplest ideas were laced with complex equations that took forever to understand. Who and what were the ghosts in the memories that tugged at my mind? What was I?

Something beneath me shook. The faint screams of those who helped me shelter myself in this darkness rang in my head, clawing at me as I remember unwillingly committing to this unconsciousness. Within the chaos of the clashing memories, I heard a faint whisper, a voice as gentle as the petal of a flower — a voice, as gentle as it seemed, also boomed loud as thunder, holding true power underneath its breath. It reached out through the cataclysm I was reliving. As it spoke, feeling came to me and the sensations flooded around me. My child, I know you can hear me. Something had been restraining my feet and hands, while something stuck to my back stretched back uncomfortably. It is time you wake from your slumber and find who you truly are.

Whoever it was whispering to me, encouraged me to look deep within myself, but his voice spoke with urgency. My heart plummeted into my chest and though I didn’t know what it meant, something told me I had little time. Was this the destiny the voices had spoken of? The power is within you. Find it, and you shall be free. The power? My body began to tremble as I fought myself to find this power the voice spoke of. Imagine a gold ball of light inside you. Let it spread throughout your body. Let it awaken you. As hard as I tried, I couldn’t remember what gold had looked like; I was always stuck in black, surrounded by never ending darkness.

I was torn from my body, and I turned to lay eyes on my silhouette where a bright orb manifested inside my stomach, spreading like blood through my veins. It grew brighter, blinding me. It was then that the voice came back, whispering something familiar that flowed gracefully and struck a chord. He was beckoning me to open my eyes. And I did.



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