#BHPChat 2 Wrap up

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Last night was our second #BHPChat! I think it went fantastic. This is quickly becoming my favorite night of the month. I love hearing about people’s favorite blogs, bloggers they think deserve more attention, and the kinds of posts that peope love to read. The special features that people did this month were fantastic too. I need to follow some blogs and start that. I just wish I could do everything.

I selected a few of my favorite replies from last night below. However, if you missed the chat, make sure you go search #BHPChat on twitter and catch up. I would hate for you to miss out on getting to know some fantastic bloggers! Did you participate in #BHPChat? Tell me about it below!

Q2: Summarize why you started blogging in 5 words or less.

Q3: Do you use a blogging schedule or planner or other organization? LetÂ’s see pictures!


Q4: What was your favorite special event this month? (Readathon, Chat, Book Signing, etc.)





Q5: Name 3 bloggers that deserve more recognition.



Q6: Most memorable post you saw this month?



Q7: What is your favorite post youÂ’ve done for a blog tour? Or would like to do?



Q8: What kind of post would you like to see that would help you with your blogging experience?



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