#BHPChat Wrap up June 2016

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Q1: Introduce yourself and name 1 or 2 books you’ve read this year you want EVERYONE to read! 

Q2: How did you decide to start blogging? Do you do Bookstagram or Booktube as well? Or thought about it? 


Q3: Do you have a different schedule or routine for the summer? Do you take a hiatus?



Q4: Who are other bloggers you aspire to be like? 



Q5: What is a post you loved writing recently? Link it! 

Q6: Is there anything you hope to be “known for” on your blog? Do you have an aesthetic? 



Q7: What is the hardest part of blogging for you? What is the easiest part? 


Q8: What influences you the MOST when it comes to choosing books you want to read? 


Q9: For fun! What book do you think could be an awesome Graphic Novel (if done well!)? 


Q10: What questions do you have when it comes to blogging? (If you see something you can answer, please help!) #BHPChat

Thanks for another fantastic chat!



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