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I’m very excited to bring you this review today. I was happy to be able to read both Resilient, the first book in this series as well as Awakened, the second book. I really enjoyed Resilient so I knew I would like Awakened as well.

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Title:  Awakened

Author: Patricia Vanasse

Genre: YA Sci fi Dystopian

Format: Ebook 266 pages

Publishing Information: 7/13/15 Pants On Fire Press

Source: Free for review

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In an attempt to protect their families, Livia and Adam set out in a search for answers that would change their lives forever. While on the run, Livia and Adam crossed paths with Daniel, who had been searching for them and the five other genetically enhanced teens Daniel knew existed. But getting out from under The Agency’s radar has not been easy. After being ambushed by the leader of The Agency that created them—a desperate attempt to claim what they lost just over a decade earlier—Livia was forced to leave an injured Adam behind, barely escaping to safety with Daniel.  Now under the control of The Agency, Adam is serving the purpose for which he was created. Manipulated to forget his love for Livia and his past, he lives a life crafted by fake memories that enslave him to a life of following the orders of The Agency. Adam battles with vivid “dreams” of a life he does not remember and the strong connection he feels to the girl with familiar blue eyes.  The desire for vengeance propels Livia and Daniel into a dangerous race to disrupt the destructive string of events that The Agency initiated seventeen years earlier. As they travel across parts of North America in search of other teens who are just like them, Livia will face an ethical battle over genetics, loyalty, and love. The race is on, and it is up to Livia to destroy The Agency and rescue Adam, but even if she succeeds at saving him, there are no guarantees she’ll able to save the deep connection they once shared.

This is exactly the kind of book that I love and hate at the same time. I love it cause its such a good story and I hate it because of how much I care about the main characters! It was so hard for me to watch Adam forget his love for Livia. They were really cute together in the first book but their time together was too short. There so many times that I wanted to take Adam by the shoulders and shake him to wake him up.

Livia on the other hand really grew during this book. She started out in Resilient as a little unsure of herself and naive. Through that book she learns that people close to her have lied to her and she has to go on the run. In Awakened she grows into a real leader of the group, making the decisions and leading the band. I love it when characters evolve and I really enjoyed seeing the growth in Livia.

Finally, the supporting characters have their own secrets which really adds to the story. With all of the different personalities, all with their own particular talents, it leads to a very interesting mix.

This book kind of reminded me of Mockingjay because of how Adam turns against Livia. I found that book so heartbreaking to read for the same reasons. Its always hard for me to read about one person being forced to turn against the person that they loved without knowing it. The second book in a trilogy sometimes falls prey to exposition but this book keeps the adventure moving. If you like books about teenagers with powers fighting against the establishment for their freedom, this is the series for you.

tissa authorAbout the Author

Patricia Vanasse was born and raised in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Now she lives on a beautiful island in the Pacific Northwest. She has been through Culinary Arts, Psychology, Law School, and now has finally found her passion in creative writing. She also loves traveling, cooking, and is an avid reader. Her strength- believes that everything is possible.  Her weakness- an obsessive relationship with caffeine.

Find the Author: Website | Facebook | Twitter @PatriciaVanasse | Goodreads

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