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I love the act of planning and lists. OH BOY do I love my lists. I’ve tried planners and  notebooks and binders and pretty much everything under the sun. Nothing Stuck. I’m a serial notebook and pen purchaser but I wouldn’t ever stick with a particular system for any length of time. That is until I discovered Bullet Journaling on Lifehacker almost a year ago.

Bullet Journals are it for me.

This video plus more instructions and tips for how to get started are all available at

Here’s my journal. I keep it closed with a planner band that I got from my Pocket Letter Pal, Jen. She runs an etsy shop called Bookmark Bitches if you are interested. I love hedgehogs. I carry this with me everywhere. This year I’ve had to upgrade purses so I always have room for a book, my planner and some pens, but its been worth it.


I think its really important to make your journal yours. Here’s the front of mine. I have a love affair with stickers. Some of them I made myself. You can see there is still plenty of room for more!


The most important part of your Bullet Journal is the Index page. This is where you document the location of everything in your bullet journal. Titles on one side and the page number on the other. This way you can always find stuff. I’m considering adding a High Five organization method. (Planner nerd) I haven’t yet. If anyone out there already does, please let me know!


There are lots of different ways to organize your months. Mine is mostly a blog planner so I list all the blog posts that I’m planning for the month. I love how it’s an easy way to see the entire month all in one place. It really helps me visualize the plan.


I also list my To Be Read books. Sometimes I have trouble remembering which books I have to read for reviews. This really helps me keep track of what’s happening in the future. I usually try to plan a few months ahead. That way I know what’s coming up and can make coals.


This last thing I try to use my bulletjournal for, I wish I was better at. Taking notes on books. I am absolutely terrible at stopping what I’m doing and writing notes. I’m trying to get better at brain dumping my impressions into my planner when I’m done with a book. That way I have something to refer to when I’m writing my review later.


Finally, my last pages. I’m working on filling these up.


Bullet Journaling is individual and personal. If you want to start a journal or a planner, make it your own! You can see that I don’t have a KEY. I didn’t make one since mine is mostly calendar pages and checklist pages. I have a different way that I plan for work, my bullet journal is all blogging, all the time. When you are reading through this, you don’t have to do everything I do. This is just a scaffold to get you started. I put together a Pinterest board full of Bullet Journal Resources! Check it out.


Should you choose to accept it….

Do you currently have an organization method? I want to see pictures! There’s nothing I like better than seeing pictures of planners and lists. That’s probably why I’ve switched organizations methods so often in the past. If you write a blog post, I would love to see it, so link me below.

If you are currently searching for a way to organize your life. I CHALLENGE YOU TO TRY SOMETHING! Get a planner. Try bullet Journaling. Start using Google Calendar. I just challenge you to make an attempt at getting your blogging life together. When you are done with that, again, I would love to see pictures or a blog post here.


I love love LOVE these sharpie pens. They are perfect for all of my blogging and planning needs and they come in amazing colors. Have you ever tried them? No? Here’s your chance. Enter below to win!

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48 responses to “Bloggiesta: Bullet Journaling

  1. This post speaks to my soul! ;D I love bullet journalling so much, and I consider it as a lifesaver as I am super messy and unorganized normally.
    Thanks for the giveaway btw! I LOVE SHARPIES!!!

    PS. Oh and is it INTL? I entered anyway, if it’s not, please delete my entries.

    • Emily

      I have a terrible addiction to sharpies and pens in general. Yes, its INTL! I have to share the pen love. I’d love to see pictures of yours!

  2. This is really cool. I want to make a bullet journal. Testing it actually next week or something. I love your stickers. All of mine are in my signing notebook. Even random ones. Heh heh.
    I use Google Calendar to organize dates. I use the Notes app on my iPad for writing all my posts. I use my weird iPad app too. It’s like a digital bullet journal. But it isn’t working anymore… They updated it. So it’s icky now. But yeah!

    • Emily

      I actually made some of my stickers. I’d love to see pictures of your signing notebook! I use Google Calendar for events but I needed a way to jot down action items. I haven’t found a better way yet. I’d love to know the name of your ‘weird ipad app”

  3. I keep everything in planners! I have like five planners right now, actually. I have a few with rings (that I really hate) that I’m keeping at home, one just for blogging, one for work (babysitting and substitute teaching), and now one for everything that I keep in my purse.

  4. I usually use my apps on my phone, such as the Notes tool. Sometimes, when I want to get fancy I use my blog planning notebook, but I feel it gets messy after a while so I don’t really like it. Primarily, I use a personal blog posts calendar online that I update, which I think helps a lot with planning!

    • Emily

      I like messy. Messy means you’ve made it yours! That’s one thing I love about Bullet Journaling. There is no way to make it messy.

  5. Ali

    I love bullet journaling. I just started doing this in December of last year and trying to figure a way to incorporate my blog stuff in it. Right now I use it to track my reading. I’ll make a post about it this weekend and come back and link it.

  6. Meredith Miller

    I carry a planner. Not a big one, just something small that will fit in my purse. It has my work schedule and info, bill due dates, birthdays, etc. Small notes like passwords (written in code of course), shopping lists, phone numbers, etc get written in the empty spots. It is just a plain one, decorated with stickers I collect over the year, with a magnetic bookmark marking the current page.

  7. I love the idea of a journal for everything. Right now, I have a notebook where I list the review books, dates, etc., and then check them off.

    I have another notebook where I jot down my thoughts on my books as I’m reading. I wish mine was attractive enough to photograph…LOL.

    Thanks for the tips. I do have a pretty journal that I could probably use to spiff things up.

  8. I love this concept! I’ve been organizing my goals with Google Keep lately, which I have really liked. I just have different checklists for different areas of my life. Sometimes I feel freer just writing things down on paper. I’m going to look at the notebooks I have today and see what I can set up.

  9. I just got a Levenger Circa Discbound planner for Christmas and I love it so much I have a monthly/weekly planner and I make checklists and I can take things in and out of it because it is discs and not really bound. I <3 it so much and am nerding out over it. 🙂

  10. I know how you feel about hoarding pens. :/ And I might try this one after this semester, because I got a half-year planner. And it looks really nice and useful too, and I’ll use that first before trying this bullet journaling trend.

  11. I love organization and really need to start doing it for blogging and my books. At work I make a daily list of all the tasks I have to do for that day. As I do them I cross them out and possibly add more. It just really helps me stay focused though the day.

  12. I love this post/challenge! I am not a very organized person. As much as I’d like to be. I want so badly to have a planner, and I’ve tried to use a calendar planner, which was okay, but I don’t like all the pages I don’t use if I skip some days. I love this bullet journaling! I’m going to give it a try! I had to laugh! I do keep a journal of notes of the books I’m reading for reviews. For that, I use a composition notebook, and only put review notes into it. I should add an index page to it though. Thanks for posting this! Gotta love Bloggiesta! 🙂

  13. I got a couple of mini planners which I got for my birthday, so I’m using those for quick reminders.

    I also have another journal, which I fill with lists and stuff. The funny thing is, I’ve been doing bullet journaling for years, and I had no idea that’s what it was called. Haha 🙂 That’s just the way I did things, but I can’t remember if I learned it from somewhere or it just ended up that way since people used to give me lots of notebooks back then because they knew that I loved to write.

  14. I have a couple of planners (given to me as gifts), which I use for quick reminders.

    I also have a journal filled with lists, etc. The funny thing is, I’ve been doing bullet journaling for years but I had no idea that’s what it was called. Haha 🙂 It’s just something I did because I had a lot of notebooks and I liked making lists.

  15. This is great, I just bought a planner for the year in an effort to stay more organized blogging-wise. There’s a whole world of planner enthusiasts that I never knew existed! And now I’ve become completely obsessed with different kinds of pens. Thanks for all the tips!

  16. Jessica Miller

    Im bad at organizing im starting to now……I am starting by writing everything down. I have a bad memory.

  17. I watched every bit of your video and loved it. It is hard to believe that it was your first! It was good to see how you use your bullet planner. I use a desk calendar, which works out well for me, but I will be implementing some of the thinks that you are doing. I adore the color coded ends! I have been using pretty little tab stickers, which are nice, but get in the way. New follower and so happy to be here.

  18. Samantha Mills

    I’m so bad at organizing, but this year I hope to become better. I have a child now, and I’m finding it harder and harder to get everything done without a little preplanning and organization. So, I’ve made a resolution to be more organized this year starting out by keeping a journal/planner. I love the idea of bullet journaling. I fell it could help me be more organized and be a creative outlet that I need as well.

  19. megan tilley

    Organized what is that? No, seriously this year I really need to get with it. I want to start planning!

  20. I don’t bullet journal, but I do keep a small notebook with me where I make lists. I also use for review thoughts, and anything else I need to get done. I’m a habitual list maker. It’s the only way I can get things done.

  21. Angela Newsome

    I spend lots of time on my planning and organizing! I too like old fashioned pen and paper for my planning!

  22. I took up bullet journaling in March! My 2nd BuJo is almost full and I’ve already picked next one from my collection of notebooks. I love how bullet journaling helps me to actually use them! I made pictures and meant to show them in a wrap-up post for bloggiesta, but my final task took so much time I didn’t get around to it. May do so later this week! If so, I’ll send you the link. But first I should finish my last task: fixing the backup procedure on our main Mac..!

    Love your post/mini-challenge!

  23. Jeanna Massman

    As a retired teacher/librarian, I can truly say I have been organizing all of my adult life! Even as a child, I catalogued all my toys and books. I stopped using a formal planner when I stopped teaching but it may be time to start again. Thanks for the inspiration!

  24. Amanda Stovall

    Honestly, I’m a total MESS when it comes to organization & it drives me bonkers!!! I CONSTANTLY purchase planners, notebooks, calendars, dry erase boards, etc. & I CONSTANTLY start LISTS, but like you, NOTHING STICKS!!! I need an intervention!!! Lol
    Amanda S.

  25. margaret maggie porter

    I have a planner at work and at home. I organize work projects in the work planner and home projects in the home planner. I take a picture of my grocery list in the planner so I have it when im shopping.

  26. liz l

    I have several journals- food, clothes, running, and many many more. I write daily and it keeps me organized

  27. Natalie

    I try to keep everything in designated areas,school stuff with school stuff,arts. N crafts in another etc

  28. jmahurin40

    I try but my organization skills are not what they should be 🙁 I use a small calendar in my purse 2 write down appts.

  29. Okay, so I’m not going to blame you for my new bullet journaling obsession, but I’m going to at least say that you gave me a little nudge. 😉 I’m going to have to start one. I’m not sure about including notes on the books I read, though, because I use full-size notebooks for those and I often write 10 pages of notes for each book. If I could somehow minimize my notes, then yes, I’d totally put them in the bullet journal. But as it is now, my book notes would take up the entire thing! But thanks for helping me see how I can consolidate my planner, notes, reminders, etc. into one cool journal!

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