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For the first time, I am not only participating in Bloggiesta but I’m hosting it as well. MC at Blame it on the Books is a ROCK STAR and keeps me organized, no easy task. She’s a pleasure to work with and I would be absolutely nothing without her. I’ve said many times but the best thing to ever come out of Bloggiesta, for me, is our friendship.

If you don’t know what this is, Bloggiesta is a challenge and an opportunity to improve your blog. You formulate a plan of blog chores and then you work to get the done over the course of a weekend. The other component is mini-challenges. Bloggers all over talk about different ways that they do things and then they issue a challenge. Past mini-challenges on time management, social media use and a variety of other topics are on the bloggiesta site.

In the past during Bloggiesta, I’ve put together a huge and overwhelming to do list. I always have a list of things I want to do in the back of my mind and I write them ALL down on my bloggiesta goals. The end result is that my list way too long for me to finish in just four days and I end up feeling like a failure. I absolute intend to write a more manageable list this year. However, I say this but in my mind I’m already formatting my list and I’m afraid I’m going to do it again. Someone stop me!


  • FINALLY update my theme. This has been on the back burner forever. Gee did my graphics. I purchased the Tweak Me V.2 theme from @nosegraze. I just need to DO it.
  • Schedule Awesome Indies through the end of the year.
  • Get @nosegraze’s Good Reads plugin working. DONE!

I have like 6 other things I want to do. This is most important though. Wish me luck!



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  1. I really should have done what you did this year and make just a small, manageable list so that I could get the major things done and still feel like I accomplished a lot. Because my list was WAY too long this time. But I just have so much to do! Possibly even more than ever since I migrated to WP a couple months ago.

    Anyway, smart idea, Emily! I hope I remember to do that next time. And thanks so much to you and MC for hosting! You guys did an amazing job. I love Bloggiesta and I loved feeling like a part of it this year since it was my first time hosting a mini challenge. Let me know if I can help again next time!

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