Event Recap: Elise Kova

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I don’t go to many author events. There’s a variety of reasons for it. I’m shy in groups, I don’t like crowds and I often don’t have anyone to go with me. It’s no fun to go alone. However, I’ve committed myself to go to three different author events in the next three weeks and I’m determined to enjoy them. If the first event is any indication, I’m in for an amazing 3 weeks. It might have even changed my mind about author events entirely.

I ran into Elise out front and got a picture of her with her face. She was just excited about seeing the poster in the window as I was!

Here is the set up! It looked so professional. I was lucky to grab a seat up front. There were tons of copies of The Alchemists of Loom too.


The signing was amazing because Elise spent the entire time answering questions about both her series. I also got to see a glimpse of the cover of The Dragons of Nova. I will definitely be participating in the cover reveal, if I get the chance.


My copy of The Prince’s Rogue was the first Elise has seen in person! She said she usually orders one for herself but she hadn’t gotten around to it yet. It was fun to watch because she hadn’t thought about what she would write in it yet. It took her a minute to think something up.

I was also very excited to have the chance to meet Sandra the Bookworm! She’s so nice. I hope that I get to see her around Houston and at other events. We don’t live that far from each other.









Since I was the Vicar Harvester, I have a lot of Alchemists of Loom swag. I also wanted to commemorate my time as a Vicar. I loved getting to know the other Vicars and working with my guild. If I ever get the chance to again, I would jump on it. I made up this frame with all my swag and Elise signed the center of it. I’m looking forward to having it hanging in my house. This will be my first Swag display, though I have several other planned.

Elise was very patient and let me take a picture with her after she signed it.

I also made Elise a present. I engraved and cut this wood to make a plaque for her based on the cover of her book. She seemed to like it. I wanted to get her a thank you for trusting me with the Harvesters Guild.

Again, I’m a creeper and made her hold it so I could get a picture.

I will have my next author event recap up next Monday! I’m excited, but nothing will be able to compare with finally meeting Elise.



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