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I absolutely love to send and receive mail. That’s why I was so excited when Paperless Post asked me to write about their service today. I’ve been really lucky in the past because I’ve had the opportunity to have pen pals in the blogging community. There’s nothing like receiving a pretty letter in the mail! For instance, check out this Pocket Letter from Andi’s ABC’s exchange. Email has always seemed cold and impersonal when it’s compared to a beautiful, handwritten letter.

Paperless Post changes all that.  With fun backgrounds, notecards and colors, Paperless Post makes emails just and pretty, fun and personally as a handwritten card.  Check out all these beautiful Thank you card templates! I was provided with credits from Paperless post to try out their service before I shared it with you.

I chose Thank you cards because I had received a present from a friend and I really wanted to send her a note to let her know how much I appreciate her. There are so many choices and so many ways to customize your card. The options are endless! I spent way too much time pouring over all the different colors before I finally settled on this beautiful flowered stationary.

Even then, I still could change the color of the background. Do you see all the different colors on the left side? That changes the background color on the screen, not the color of the card. Each background color changed the feel of the card. I decided to stick with this neutral texture though. I thought the different colored backgrounds clashed with the flowers. SO many choices! It was fun to play with the options but also a little overwhelming. The final two options were the envelope and the stamp, which I kept as the default.

The flowered envelope was pretty.

I loved designing this Thank you for a friend. Paperless Post is a fantastic option for an informal invitation or card for a friend. I wish I had the guts to send out Wedding Invitations like this but my mother would have had a fit. It’s still not as personal as a physical note, but the time and effort you spend concocting your email will absolutely be appreciated.

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