First Ever Triple T Thursday

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Hopefully this will be a regular thing. I’m going to describe a popular book that you might know. Then I will talk about a different book that you might like if you like the first book. These two books will have something in common that makes me think that you might like one if you like the other. If you like this, then you might like that.
Let me know if you agree with my picks!

Lords of the Underworld Book 1
Darkest Night by Gena Showalter

This is the first book in a larger series. That’s what first attracted me because I love series. I’m nosy and I want to know what happens next. Always. This is Paranormal Romance. Remember Pandora’s box? In this world Pandora was protecting the box. Some men were jealous so they opened the box. Their punishment is being cursed with housing  one evil inside themselves and keeping the world safe. In the first book there is lots of exposition and also a very well written love story between Maddox (Keeper of Violence) and Ashlyn a girl with a superpower of her own. Maddox and Ashlyn start out as mortal enemies who learn to trust each other as they fall in love. There’s lots of side stories introducing the other characters as well.

If you like this, you might like:

Demonica book 1
Pleasure Unbound by Larissa Ione

Again, this is part of a larger series. This had been on my To Read list for over 3 years before I finally picked it up this weekend. Also Paranormal Romance. Don’t let the awful title and silly character names put you off, like it did me for 3+ years. I really enjoyed the character development in this book. I liked seeing the kickass heroine grow and change her mind as everything she knew shifted.

In this world demons are real and hiding in plain sight. Eidolon (see silly name) and his 2 half-brothers are the offspring of a particular kind of demon that either finds his perfect match or goes crazy. The brothers have pretty much resigned themselves to going insane and have made a death pact that they will die before that happens. Enter Tayla. If the world has demons, then they must have demon hunters. Tayla is a “Guardian” known by demons as a slayer. She hunts demons for a living but doesn’t know much about them. Eidolon is a doctor who works at a hidden demon hospital, healing those injured by the slayers and fighting against their persecution.

These books have a lot in common. Both books are paranormal romance. Both have demons and forbidden love. Both are the beginning of a series. Both are full of tormented men looking for a good woman to save them. Perfect, stereotypical romance. Most importantly though, both are a very good story.

If youÂ’ve already read these. Try J.R. WardÂ’s Black Dagger Brotherhood series, Kresley ColeÂ’s Immortals After Dark or Lynsay SandsÂ’ Argeneau Vampires series.

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  1. Good recommendation! I’ll have to add Pleasure Unbound to my list because I’m hopelessly devoted to the Lords of the Underworld series.

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