#IndieMas 2016 Day Eight

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Author S. Usher Evans created #IndieMas as a way to celebrate her favorite Indie authors.

On the eighth day of #IndieMas my author gave to me

Fate Interfering
Music and Fairy Tales

Three Books Today

Favorite Fantasies

Thrills and Romance,

Pulse Pounding Action,
 Two Adventures,
And Sci Fi and Fantasy


#IndieMas 2016 Day EightThe Prophecy by Erin Rhew
Series: The Fulfillment Series #1
Published by BookFish Books on October 1st 2014
Genres: Fantasy
Pages: 378
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Growing up on a small farm in the kingdom of Vanguard, seventeen-year-old Layla Givens lives a deceptively tranquil existence. But her carefully constructed life quickly falls apart when she’s abducted by a religious zealot who proclaims her The Fulfillment of an ancient peace prophecy and whisks her away to marry her greatest enemy.
Wilhelm, Prince of the Ethereals, is reluctant to meet his new bride. He's grown up believing Vanguards are evil, an enemy to fight and fear...not love. Can he set aside his prejudices and work alongside Layla to bring lasting peace after centuries of war?
Nash, a loner who has never fit in, carries a huge secret, one big enough to destroy both kingdoms. When he accidently meets Layla, he’s no longer content to live in the shadows, but he must resist his growing attraction—for her safety and for the longevity of the two kingdoms.
When Nash's secret is revealed, a firestorm sweeps through both realms, with Layla at the center. Now she must choose between duty and desire while the fate of two nations hangs in the balance.

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#IndieMas 2016 Day EightSixty-Seven Salamanders by Jeff Joseph
Published by Amazon Digital Services on April 1st 2016
Genres: Sci Fi
Pages: 300
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Adin Anderson lives in a small town where the stagnant flow of time is considered peace and quiet, but that isn’t good enough for him. He may not be a big believer in fate, but something bigger has to be out there for him. And the day he receives a random letter from an unlikely source may be it.

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