Life Update

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This was supposed to be an exciting recap on the V.E. Schwab event that I went to on Thursday night. I went and I had a wonderful time. V.E. Schwab is gorgeous and well spoken and she has such wonderful justifications for ever decision she makes in her books. I would love to hear eloquent descriptions of world building and language development from all of my favorite authors. She signed ALL of my books too.

Unfortunately, I only took a single picture. I had this intention of taking a bunch of pictures and doing another fun recap. I also was going to do a better write up about what she talked about and it was going to be done on Friday when everything she said was still fresh in my mind. That didn’t happen.

Mr. Functionally Illiterate and I have been working towards becoming Foster Parents for a long time. On Tuesday, we finally got our license. Then at 5pm, we received our first call for a placement. We had a child in our house by 7:30 that night. That’s why there was no #BHPChat wrap up last Wednesday. I was a little preoccupied and I’ve stayed that way.

I love it. I wouldn’t change it but I need to get used to the new normal. ┬áLuckily I have lots of blog posts pre-scheduled. I’m still here just on my own terms.



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