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I’m moving! Not the blog, actually me! This week and next week I will be working hard to move into our new house and unpack. Luckily the book blog community is beyond awesome and supportive. I put out a call asking for help to keep my blog running for the next two weeks to give myself a buffer while I won’t have internet and you all jumped to help me. I can’t express how grateful I am to have such wonderful friends. I owe Wren from The Bookmato Chronicles a debt of gratitude because she and Mishma at Chasing Faerytales encouraged me to read A Darker Shade of Magic and Vicious. I never would have read V.E. Schwab without their encouragement!

Why you should love Schwab

Victoria Schwab is one of my two favorite authors. (The other is Maggie Stiefvater, by the way.) Her books are amazing. And she is such a cool person. You might wonder why. Most likely because you’ve never read her books before. But I’ll explain why anyways. I’ll give you four reasons why Victoria Schwab is amazing and deserves your love.

1) Her stories are magical. Literally. (‘A Darker Shade of Magic’ is actually about magic.) But also figuratively. The worlds she creates are captivating. There are no Londons like Schwab’s. They’re unique. I’ve never seen anything like her London before. She crafts these worlds and makes you long for them, this heartache which affect everyone. I just wanna go to Red London sooo bad.

2) Her characters are captivating. My favorite female book character is Mackenzie Bishop of ‘The Archived’. Her struggle in the sequel ‘The Unbound’ really fascinated me. And it was something I could relate to. (I have problems..) Schwab’s female characters are strong and brave and resilient. Her male characters cannot be labeled. There are so many differences in all her characters. There is antihero Victor Vale (my favorite male character) and mysterious Kell and smexy Rhy. These characters don’t fall into one category. And each character you meet…you fall in love with.

3) She is super kind. I emailed her about starting the VElites. And she replied so quickly! The name is actually from her as well. I’m founder of the VElites because of her. And I love this street team. So much. (By the way…you should join!)

4) She cares for her fans a lot. Let me just state a few examples. The two tours she’ll be on in 2016 (even if she Tweets about hating the crowds.) She’s doing this. For us! Isn’t that amazing? Not to mention all the preorder offers she has. The AGOS cards are GORGEOUS by the way. Extremely stunning. And she keeps doing this for all her books (or so I see.)



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  1. Yes! Yes! Yes!!!! Victoria Schwab is freaking amazing! The Shades of Magic series is one of the most riveting series I have read and I’m really looking forward to reading Vicious and her YA offerings. I had the privilege to meet her back in January and she was gracious and kind. I’ll be reading anything she puts out. Her writing is epic!

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