My first Bloggiesta!

Posted September 13, 2015 by Emily in Special Feature / 12 Comments


For once, I found out about an event in time to sign up for it! Bloggiesta is a bi-annual sprint that challenges you to work hard and get things done on your blog. I’ve been working hard this month as it is. I’ve gotten into a blogging groove, set myself some goals and expectations and a slight schedule. This is a way to formally announce what I hope to accomplish, and maybe have you help hold me accountable!

I think that goals are important. If you don’t challenge yourself to do better, then nothing ever changes. Participating is Bloggiesta is easy! If you want to sign up, post your To Do List and then go link up here!

So this is my To Do list for this Bloggiesta!

  1. Get one month ahead on all posts with 3 posts a week
  2. Create a post idea list
  3. Bloghop and comment on 10 blogs
  4. Cross post review backlog (EW, GR, LT, Amazon)
  5. Update my 2015 reads
  6. Do 2 mini challenges
    1. I created an email list, thanks to Nosegraze 
    2. I got my email down to inbox zero, thanks to Guiltless Reading

I think this is a fairly ambitious to do list for my first Bloggiesta. There are a few things on this list I’ve already started on. Hopefully this will help keep the momentum. I hope that you decide to join bloggiesta as well! Comment below and let me know!



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12 responses to “My first Bloggiesta!

    • Emily

      I don’t know if I’m cheating but I got a little of a head start. I’m already most of the way completed with posts into mid October. I need to finish like 2.

  1. Ali

    I hope you enjoy Bloggiesta, I’ve participated for several years now and get so much done. Great list and good luck! Happy Bloggiesta

    • Emily

      Thank you! I love lists and concrete goals so Bloggiesta is right in my wheelhouse! I’m thrilled to not only be participating but also hosting a mini challenge. I’ve also already finished some things so I need to update tonight 😀

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