New Partnership in a new adventure

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New Co-hosts: MC and I!

Suey from All About Books has been hosting Bloggiesta since 2012 and doing an amazing job. She runs a tight ship and has fantastic organization. Unfortunately, all good things have to come to an end. Suey is retiring from hosting to focus on her blog and her family.

That leaves an obvious opening. I think you can see where this is going…. It’s been a long couple of weeks sitting on this news. We have suffered. Suey leaves big shoes to fill and I’m sure that MC and I will make a ton of mistakes. She has said that she’s still available for questions and advice. I just hope that we don’t take advantage of her kindness.

I’ve been participating in Bloggiesta for a year. When I first joined, I stepped out of my comfort zone. I hosted a Mini-Challenge about saying yes and jumping at every opportunity you are offered as a new blogger. Since then, I’ve continued that trend. The best thing to ever come out of my joining Bloggiesta is my friendship with MC from Blame it on the Books. We met during that first Mini-Challenge and we have been friends ever since. We even got a chance to meet in Orlando in June!

MC is an incredible blogger at Blame it on the books. You should go follow her immediately and get to know her.

Blog: Blame it on the books
Twitter: Blamethebooks
IG: Blamethebooks
FB: Blamethebooks

Bloggiesta is a quarterly blogging event focused on motivating you to improve your blog. It’s not only for book bloggers, its for everyone. You can see more at the links below.

Blog: Bloggiesta
Twitter: Bloggiesta
Past Mini Challenges

We have so many ideas! We’ve been talking about it since Suey accepted our application. If we institute half the stuff that we’ve been talking about we will be busy bloggers. We have big plans and lots to do. We definitely need some assistance. If you are interested, let me know if you want to help!



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