Review: We are All Made of Molecules by Susin Nielsen

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Title: We are All Made of Molecules

Author: Susin Nielsen

Genre: YA

Format: Paperback,`336 pages

Publishing Information: 4/30/15 by Andersen Press Ltd

Source: ARC for Review

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Stewart and his dad are doing OK after his mother’s death. Though, Stewart can tell that his dad is lonely. When his dad meets Ashley’s mom and they make plans to move in together, Stewart is 89.9% happpy. He’s always wanted a sister and Ashley and her mom sound really nice.

Ashley’s life is over! First her dad moves out and he says that he’s G. A. Y.! How can he do this to her?!? Then her mom meets someone. In no time at all him and his dorky son, SPEWart move in. No one at school can find out. What would they think?


I really liked this book. Stewart is very sweet and sensitive but immature at the beginning. He is in the same grade as Ashley, but he’s a year younger and it shows. I got the impression that he was very sheltered and loved by his mother, which is one of the reasons he is so socially awkward, though his is never directly stated. Also he’s brilliant and weird, do that doesn’t help things. He’s dealing with his mother’s death the best way he knows how. He wants to keep objects that his mother loves around him at all times. That’s a struggle now that he’s moving in with another family.

Ashley is drama queen. She’s very popular in school and enjoys the attention that gets her. However this also means she is a spoiled brat. She’s used to getting her way in all things and no one ever arguing with her. She has always been Daddy’s Little Princess, so when her father come’s out, its especially hard on her. I’m not excusing her behavior and I certainly didn’t like it but I thought she was a very understandable character. Even if I didn’t relate to her at all and even disliked her.

Both of them are struggling with the move but for very different reasons. Throughout the course of the book they learn and mature with help from each other. Ashley and Stewart are direct foils of each other. Everything that is ruining Ashley’s life, Stewart is dealing with easily or even enjoying. The opposite is true as well. Throughout the course of the book it becomes obvious that Stewart and Ashley are learning from each other and slowly becoming a family.

I’m torn on the age group for this book. Originally, I thought this book was a little younger than YA. However, there is a situation later in the book that is appropriate for an older crowd. Ultimately I would suggest it for grades 6-7.

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