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Glass and Ashes by OWS Ink, LLC

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Glass and Ashes by OWS Ink, LLC

Glass and Ashes by OWS Ink, LLCGlass and Ashes by Rebecca Pierce, Elle Saline, Anna Langford, Lyssa Medana, Amanda Kaye, Kerry E.B. Black, Briant Laslo, Melanie Noell Bernard, Rose Kuehr-McLaren, KT Morley
on 11/15/18
Genres: short story, Fantasy, fairy tale
Pages: 277
Format: ebook
Source: the publisher
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"What if?"
It's something people love to ponder. Now, OWS Ink has asked the question, “What if Cinderella was a little bit different?”
A different type woman? A different shoe size? A different type of hero? Or maybe a villain? What if she was never even a human?
And our authors answered. Prepare to read Cinderella stories like you’ve never imagined. Stories where Cinderella makes a different choice altogether, where she uses magic to make her own happy ending, and somewhere even magic can’t help her avoid her fate.

So grab your drink and curl up with our new versions of this classic fairy tale.

I received this book for free from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.


Character spotlight Prince Charming by Rebekah Jonesy

While everyone agrees that the prince of their little kingdom lives up to his name, they also agree that it’s a good thing he wasn’t named Prince Wise. Sweet and loveable as a puppy, he’s also about as smart as one. Not the smart kind either. The kind that barks at his own tail and gets beat up by his own toys. That kind of puppy.

Why else would a man fall in love with a woman after a few hours? He was told by his father to find a rich young maiden to marry and woo her. But the poor guy just isn’t that smart. He let a pretty face and a fancy gown distract him. Having never been around anyone that wasn’t rich he had no clue how to judge such things. And when she left so abruptly that convinced him that she had to be the one for him. And led him, unwisely, to declare that he would marry the woman that fit the shoe she had left behind.

Because not only is he not smart, he’s also really bad at names. And women’s fashion. And thinking things through. All of his shoes were tailor made and he was the only one that could wear them. So it only made sense in his empty head that the same would hold true for the woman he had met.

When a brunette that was inches shorter was brought to him as the woman who fit the shoe, he didn’t think twice. Or even once. He didn’t understand the miraculous ways of make-up and assumed she had simply painted her face differently at the ball. His father was pleased that the woman had a large inheritance and by golly that was good enough for Prince Charming!

He was going to marry this woman, whatever her name was, and live happily ever after. All the story books he read said so, after all.


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