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Glass and Ashes by OWS Ink, LLC

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Glass and Ashes by OWS Ink, LLC

Glass and Ashes by OWS Ink, LLCGlass and Ashes by Rebecca Pierce, Elle Saline, Anna Langford, Lyssa Medana, Amanda Kaye, Kerry E.B. Black, Briant Laslo, Melanie Noell Bernard, Rose Kuehr-McLaren, KT Morley
on 11/15/18
Genres: short story, Fantasy, fairy tale
Pages: 277
Format: ebook
Source: the publisher
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"What if?"
It's something people love to ponder. Now, OWS Ink has asked the question, “What if Cinderella was a little bit different?”
A different type woman? A different shoe size? A different type of hero? Or maybe a villain? What if she was never even a human?
And our authors answered. Prepare to read Cinderella stories like you’ve never imagined. Stories where Cinderella makes a different choice altogether, where she uses magic to make her own happy ending, and somewhere even magic can’t help her avoid her fate.

So grab your drink and curl up with our new versions of this classic fairy tale.

I received this book for free from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.


Character spotlight Prince Charming by Rebekah Jonesy

While everyone agrees that the prince of their little kingdom lives up to his name, they also agree that it’s a good thing he wasn’t named Prince Wise. Sweet and loveable as a puppy, he’s also about as smart as one. Not the smart kind either. The kind that barks at his own tail and gets beat up by his own toys. That kind of puppy.

Why else would a man fall in love with a woman after a few hours? He was told by his father to find a rich young maiden to marry and woo her. But the poor guy just isn’t that smart. He let a pretty face and a fancy gown distract him. Having never been around anyone that wasn’t rich he had no clue how to judge such things. And when she left so abruptly that convinced him that she had to be the one for him. And led him, unwisely, to declare that he would marry the woman that fit the shoe she had left behind.

Because not only is he not smart, he’s also really bad at names. And women’s fashion. And thinking things through. All of his shoes were tailor made and he was the only one that could wear them. So it only made sense in his empty head that the same would hold true for the woman he had met.

When a brunette that was inches shorter was brought to him as the woman who fit the shoe, he didn’t think twice. Or even once. He didn’t understand the miraculous ways of make-up and assumed she had simply painted her face differently at the ball. His father was pleased that the woman had a large inheritance and by golly that was good enough for Prince Charming!

He was going to marry this woman, whatever her name was, and live happily ever after. All the story books he read said so, after all.


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#IndieMas 2016 Day Twelve

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Author S. Usher Evans created #IndieMas as a way to celebrate her favorite Indie authors.

On the twelfth day of #IndieMas my author gave to me

Terrifying Books
Great Fantasy Series
Humorous Romance
Diverse Sci Fi
Fate Interfering
Music and Fairy Tales

Three Books Today

Favorite Fantasies

Thrills and Romance,

Pulse Pounding Action,
 Two Adventures,
And Sci Fi and Fantasy


#IndieMas 2016 Day TwelveThe Dead Circle by Keith Varney
Series: The Dead Circle #1
Published by Amazon Digital Services on October 31, 2015
Genres: horror
Pages: 360
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Something is terribly wrong in Detroit.
When Chris and Sarah bought an abandoned library to renovate and live in, they expected to be on the ground floor of the revival of Detroit. But unbeknownst to them, the city is about to fall. The devastation begins with a single woman who mysteriously tears off her clothing and starts walking the perimeter of an empty lot. Within minutes, hundreds of disparate people inexplicably join her to form a giant human circle slowly revolving like a hurricane of flesh. Moved by inexorable forces, they twitch and spasm, contorting their naked bodies in a primordial death dance. They’re oblivious to everything, even the unfortunate souls who fall beneath their feet.
Bewildered citizens and authorities are desperate to know what’s causing the bizarre event… at least until it starts to rain.
Chris and Sarah abruptly find themselves trapped in a forsaken city. To survive, they must evade the horrifying illness, find food and shelter in a suddenly primitive world… and have a battle plan for when the circle stops spinning…
The Dead Circle has 342 pages in print.

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#IndieMas 2016 Day TwelveMalus Domestica by S.A. Hunt
Series: Malus Domestica #1
Published by Createspace on July 21st 2015
Genres: horror
Pages: 448
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From the award-winning author of the Outlaw King series comes another harrowing adventure in the grand tradition of Stephen King, Clive Barker, and Charlaine Harris.

Robin Martine has come a long way.
She's not your usual college-age girl. More often than not, Robin's washing a load of gory clothes at the laundromat, or down at the lake throwing hatchets at pumpkins. She lives in an old van, collects swords, and dyes her mohawk blue.

Also, she kills witches for a living on YouTube.
You see, Robin's life was turned upside down by those hideous banshees from Hell. She spent high-school in a psych ward, drugged out of her head for telling the cops her mother Annie was murdered with magic. Magic from a witch named Marilyn Cutty.

After a 3-year warpath across America, she's come home to end Cutty for good.
But she'll have to battle hog-monsters, a city full of raving maniacs, and a killer henchman called the "Serpent" if she wants to end the coven's reign over the town of Blackfield once and for all.

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#IndieMas 2016 Day Eight

#IndieMas 2016 Day Eight

Author S. Usher Evans created #IndieMas as a way to celebrate her favorite Indie authors. On the eighth day of #IndieMas my author gave to me Fate Interfering Music and Fairy Tales Three Books Today Favorite Fantasies Thrills and Romance, Pulse Pounding Action,  Two Adventures, And Sci Fi and Fantasy . a Rafflecopter giveaway a Rafflecopter giveaway

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ARC Tour: Reliquary by Sarah Fine

ARC Tour: Reliquary by Sarah Fine

Reliquary by Sarah Fine Series: Reliquary #1 Published by Amazon Digital Services on June 14th, 2016 Genres: Fantasy, romance Pages: 331 Format: Paperback Source: Free for Review Buy on Amazon Mattie CarverÂ’s engagement party should have marked the start of her own personal fairy tale. But when her fiancé, Ben, is violently abducted the next morning, her desperate quest to find him rips her away from small-town life and reveals a shattering truth: magic is real—and Ben is hooked. ItÂ’s not the stuff of storybooks. ItÂ’s wildly addictive, capable of producing everything from hellish anguish to sensual ecstasy almost beyond human endurance. Determined to find out who took Ben and why, Mattie immerses herself in a shadowy underworld and comes face-to-face with the darkly alluring Asa Ward, a rogue magic dealer, infamous hustlerÂ…and her missing fiancé’s estranged brother. Asa has the power to sense magic, and he realizes Mattie is a reliquary, someone with the rare ability to carry magic within her own body, undetected. Asa agrees to help find Ben on one condition: Mattie must use her uncommon talent to assist his smuggling operations. Now, from magic-laced Vegas casinos to the netherworld clubs of Bangkok, Mattie is on a rescue mission. With Asa by her side, sheÂ’ll face not only the supernatural forces arrayed against her but the all-too-human temptation that she fears she canÂ’t resist. I knew […]

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Awesome Indies: Sixth Prime by Dan O’Brien

Awesome Indies: Sixth Prime by Dan O’Brien

For more information, check out the Awesome Indies page I’m happy to introduce Dan today, celebrating the release of his book, Sixth Prime, with a guest post. Guest Post When I started writing Sixth Prime, I decided early on to do something very deliberate: I would make half the main characters female; I would make sure the personalities better reflected the myriad of the human experience; and I would describe characters without using skin color or any physical identifiers. You might be wondering: what exactly is the point of that? Women represent half the population.  I would be remiss if I ignored the statistics right in front of me. 82% of readers are female, so why wouldn’t you include female characters when so many readers are women. I don’t mean the traditional roles of queens and romantic interests; I’m talking about adventurers and villains, scientists and soldiers, and everything in between. The goal should be to tell the best possible story. I waited until I had outlined everything, and then randomly assigned characters as men and women (this includes romantic relationships as well, so buckle your seatbelts). Personality guides behavior and decision-making. I went to graduate school for psychology, and as such I’ve always had a fascination with why people do what they do. This, naturally, translated into thinking about how I could smuggle personality psychology into a narrative. The Prime saga, beginning […]

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Awesome Indies: Finding the Phoenix by Caitlin O’Connor

Awesome Indies: Finding the Phoenix by Caitlin O’Connor

For more information, check out the Awesome Indies page What inspires you? I find itÂ’s often the small things that trigger my imagination. A single line in a song or the wind blowing petals off a rose bush can become a whole world in my head. I look at strangers and wonder what their lives are like, whether theyÂ’re happy or sad, and what choices and experiences molded who they are now. How do you develop your plots and characters? Characters tend to spring into my head fully formed, and all I do is figure out what makes them tick. I get far too much joy from doing the psychological research for my characters. My plots, on the other hand, are always very basic to begin with. I pants my way through the first draft then scribble diagrams of my plot points and tighten the story from there. What were you like in school? I was the nerdy know-it-all who read a lot, got good marks even though I drew pictures during most of my classes, and could forge almost every one of my classmateÂ’s parentÂ’s signatures. I was also the troubled, loner weirdo who spent a lot of time in detention, hung out with the ‘wrongÂ’ crowd, and chased trouble at every turn. What book are you reading now? IÂ’m reading HowlÂ’s Moving Castle by Dianne Wynn Jones […]

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