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#IndieMas 2016 Day Four

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Author S. Usher Evans created #IndieMas as a way to celebrate her favorite Indie authors.

On the fourth day of #IndieMas my author gave to me

Thrills and Romance,
Pulse Pounding Action,
 Two Adventures,
And Sci Fi and Fantasy


#IndieMas 2016 Day FourFall Far from the Tree by Amy McNulty
Published by Patchwork Press on September 6th 2016
Genres: Young Adult, Fantasy
Pages: 242
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Terror. Callousness. Denial. Rebellion. How the four teenage children of leaders in the duchy and the neighboring empire of Hanaobi choose to adapt to their nefarious parents’ whims is a matter of survival.
Rohesia, daughter of the duke, spends her days hunting "outsiders," fugitives who’ve snuck onto her father’s island duchy. That she lives when even children who resemble her are subject to death hardens her heart to tackle the task.
Fastello is the son of the "king" of the raiders who steal from the rich and share with the poor. When aristocrats die in the raids, Fastello questions what his peoples’ increasingly wicked methods of survival have cost them.
An orphan raised by a convent of mothers, Cateline can think of no higher aim in life than to serve her religion, even if it means turning a blind eye to the suffering of other orphans under the mothers’ care.
Kojiro, new heir to the Hanaobi empire, must avenge his people against the "barbarians" who live in the duchy, terrified the empress, his own mother, might rather see him die than succeed.
When the paths of these four young adults cross, they must rely on one another for survival—but the love of even a malevolent guardian is hard to leave behind.

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#IndieMas 2016 Day FourStrays by Emma Kendrick
Series: Red Kings MC #1
Published by Amazon Digital Services on May 4th 2016
Pages: 361
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Best friends Jackie and Tyler set out on an adventure to find somewhere to call home, hoping to escape the violent city life and settle down in a quiet place where they can make something of themselves. What they find instead is the notorious Red Kings Motorcycle Club, outlaw bikers that rule the city's criminal underground.
Only able to avoid them for so long, the unsuspecting pair get thrown into turf wars and drug trafficking before they can even figure out what's happened. And as Tyler is dragged deeper into the club's illegal activity, Jackie remains stuck in limbo as she tries to resist the pull of one Dean Rockwell, the MC's most dangerous member.
Torn between the tight-knit family of bikers and the safety of a normal life, can Jackie navigate the treacherous new waters without losing herself and her best friend? Or will a series of unfortunate events lead her down a path that she can't come back from?
"Emma Kendrick definitely has what it takes, and has gotten herself another loyal fan, anxiously awaiting the release of her next story. If you love bad boy bikers, as much as I, pick up a copy of won't disappoint!" -
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