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Awesome Indies: Finding the Phoenix by Caitlin O’Connor

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Awesome Indies: Finding the Phoenix by Caitlin O’ConnorFinding the Phoenix by Caitlin O'Connor
Series: The Celestial Talisman #1
Published by Amazon Digital Services on April 12th 2016
Genres: Fantasy
Pages: 370
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Alternate Cover Edition: B0112H9L5Y
Heaven has no memory of dying, except the experience of death itself. It’s that memory, of a place called ‘The Between’, that convinces her the man claiming to be her Guardian might not be crazy. Besides, even crazy is better than the life she’s leaving behind to be the Circle’s Wielder of Spirit. All she has to worry about now is her training, and figuring out how to fit in with the Awakened.
But the Circle isnÂ’t the haven she thought it might be. The fanatic Handmaidens of the Skaath Diurga are gathering strength and only the Awakened can keep the shadow creatures at bay. When one of the Guardians is killed, ulterior motives thrust Heaven into the middle of the CircleÂ’s quest for justice. SheÂ’ll have to decide just how far sheÂ’ll go for the people sheÂ’s come to care about.
Finding the Phoenix is the first instalment in the Celestial Talisman sequence, an adult Urban Fantasy series featuring dark, psychological themes. If you like multifaceted, compelling characters and unusual settings then this novel is sure to thrill you.
(Please note that this book contains strong language)

What inspires you?

I find itÂ’s often the small things that trigger my imagination. A single line in a song or the wind blowing petals off a rose bush can become a whole world in my head. I look at strangers and wonder what their lives are like, whether theyÂ’re happy or sad, and what choices and experiences molded who they are now.

How do you develop your plots and characters?

Characters tend to spring into my head fully formed, and all I do is figure out what makes them tick. I get far too much joy from doing the psychological research for my characters. My plots, on the other hand, are always very basic to begin with. I pants my way through the first draft then scribble diagrams of my plot points and tighten the story from there.

What were you like in school?

I was the nerdy know-it-all who read a lot, got good marks even though I drew pictures during most of my classes, and could forge almost every one of my classmate’s parent’s signatures. I was also the troubled, loner weirdo who spent a lot of time in detention, hung out with the ‘wrong’ crowd, and chased trouble at every turn.

What book are you reading now?

IÂ’m reading HowlÂ’s Moving Castle by Dianne Wynn Jones to my son (IÂ’m enjoying it as much as he is) and The Trial by Franz Kafka.

Tell us about your book?

Finding the Phoenix is an Urban Fantasy set in South Africa. My main character discovers sheÂ’s the Wielder of the Spirit element, and the only outsider in a centuries old organisation called the Circle. She has to overcome her fears and become a warrior in the CircleÂ’s war against the Handmaidens of the Skaath Diurga, shadow creatures born from an ancient betrayal.

If this book is part of a series, tell us a little about it?

Finding the Phoenix is the first book of The Celestial Talisman series. ItÂ’s very character focused, and eases the reader into both the fantasy world of the Circle and the real world setting. Scar, due for release in July, amps up the action and intrigue, and answers questions you didnÂ’t realise you had from the first book.

Was this book inspired by something in particular?

In a nutshell, it was inspired by my love for my chaotic, messed up country and my dissatisfaction with certain characterizations and tropes in Urban Fantasy.

I loved the idea of writing a South African Urban Fantasy because the crime and corruption make for an almost dystopian setting. It was important to me to have a heroine who wasnÂ’t all about the sex appeal, and to depict a psychologically accurate process of healing from an abusive situation as opposed to the sudden weaponisation one normally reads about.

Do you have a trailer or do you intend to create one for your own book/s?

I do have a trailer, which you can view on Youtube

How do you relax?

I go for walks with my son, or we watch movies together. Most evenings I read, or watch the anime, movies, and series my son is too young for. I also enjoy the odd strategy or RPG game.

How can readers discover more about you and your work?

The best way to keep in touch is to follow my blog or subscribe to my mailing list

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