#SBPT Summer Wrap Up

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Being involved in The Book Bratz Summer Blogger Promo Tour was a fantastic opportunity and I’m so grateful and honored that I had the chance. I loved getting to know the other bloggers. When I started this tour I felt so new and I didn’t know anyone. Now I feel like I’m a part of a big blogger family. I feel so lucky that I had the chance to do this and I’m already looking forward to next year!

I wanted to include the posts that I did this year, just in case you missed one. I had so much fun talking to the other bloggers in my group and planning these posts that it would be a real shame if you didn’t have the chance to read them all.

Week 1, Sunday, July 5th: Offbeat YA

Roberta at the Offbeat YA has a very specific genre love. She loves Afterlife stories. Stories about what happens to people after they die. I thought this was fascinating and I was so pleased when she agreed to write a post recommending her favorite books in this genre.

Week 2, Sunday, July 12th: The Book Bratz 

I asked The Book Bratz to allow me to repost one of their favorite blog posts. They sure chose a doozy for me! I didn’t even know about a slight blogging scandal last year that happened with a bingo board. However, they wrote a lovely post not only explaining it but bringing the community back together afterward. Bravo.

Week 3, Sunday, July 19th: The BookBandit Blog

It turns out that Nicole and I both like books that are not necessarily mainstream. She was kind enough to talk all about one that she loves but not many people have heard of, Dreamland Social Club. There was even an interesting questionnaire at then end of the book that she filled out specifically for this post!

Week 4, Sunday, July 26th: Little Book Heaven

A little behind the scenes tidbit here. Jess’s post was the first and one of the easiest to figure out. She posted about different book vacation destinations that she would love to visit. I loved reading about her reasoning and why she picked each location. She really tied each one to a book!

Week 5, Sunday, August 2nd: Regal Critiques

I loved this post because it put me in such a unique situation. Veronika was just adding a co-blogger and changing her blog name so I got the chance to have her introduce her co-blogger on my blog! I loved getting to know Ruzika and seeing how the two of them fit together. They are such a fantastic team!

Week 6, Sunday, August 9th: Mia in Narnia

Mia did a great job choosing and talking about her 10 favorite books. Obviously I put her in a very difficult position. Its so hard to choose! However she did a fantastic job. I loved reading about whey she chose each one. I had read most of them but after reading this post I added a few more to my ever growing TBR.

Week 7, Sunday, August 16th: The Petite Book Blogger

Victoria confessed to me early on that one of her many hobbies besides blogging is photography. I immediately knew that I wanted to feature her pictures on her tour stop. I think that viewing people’s hobbies, especially their photography can really help you get to know a person and see world through their eyes. This stop was no different.

Week 8, Sunday, August 23rd: Marissa Nicole Reads

With Marissa, I had the wonderful opportunity to interview her. I think that an interview is a fantastic way to get to know all sorts of things about someone quickly. Marissa did a great job answering my questions and It was so fun to get to know her.

Again I had so much fun participating in this tour. I thank The Book Bratz for the opportunity and I’m already looking forward to next year!

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