SBPT Sunday: Introducing The Regal Critiques

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Veronika from Reading is Dreaming with Open Eyes is now Veronika from The Regal Critiques. I’m so excited that Ruzaika (her new co-blogger) and Veronika are both here today to talk about the new direction of their blog.

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Hi everyone. IÂ’m Veronika from The Regal Critiques and IÂ’m so SO excited to be teamed up with the lovely Emily here. A few months ago I decided to add a co-blogger to my blog and, based on EmilyÂ’s idea, IÂ’m going to tell you a bit about the reasons for my choice. Next to that Ruzaika, my new co-blogger wrote a bit about herself and the start of our wonderful friendship. We hope youÂ’ll enjoy our post. 🙂

‘Should I try co-blogging?’ was a question that used to come to my mind all the time. However much fun co-blogging has always looked like to me, the answer to that question strictly stayed no. One day, though, on an impulse I asked Ruzaika if she has ever been interested in blogging and if yes, would she consider co-blogging on Reading Is Dreaming with Open Eyes (now re-named The Regal Critiques). In this post IÂ’m going to list 6 reasons why you should definitely consider co-blogging. Hope youÂ’ll enjoy.

  1. Blogging can get stressful but as soon as you have a co-blogger you donÂ’t have to carry all the weight on your shoulders alone. Most likely, together youÂ’ll have twice as many posts ready as you used to. This means that you can take your time writing your reviews and make your content even better than it used to be.
  2. Leaving my blog behind for a while? Before Ruzaika IÂ’d have said no no no! Meanwhile, after she joined to the blog there were no more bad feelings because I didnÂ’t have the time to blog or was just simply not in the mood for it. Basically, whenever you feel like stopping for a while, your co-blogger is going to be there to take over your duties and help you out. Like I said in #1, less stress.
  3. Book blogging gives you a chance to make many good friends but co-blogging gives you an even closer friend, maybe even a friend for life. You are kind of “forced” to talk on daily (or nearly daily) basis so you can get to know each other pretty well. I think what really makes a co-blogger different from a blogging friend is that you’ll be able to see more than one side of this person, due to getting into stressful or other inconvenient situations thanks to your blog.
  4. A co-blogger can definitely freshen up your blog and give a little something else to it- Maybe by his/her unique writing style but maybe he/sheÂ’ll introduce new content as well. This is not only a great way to attract new readers, but you can entertain your current followers even more than you are capable of alone. Next to this, when you have to brainstorm ideas for something (like Ruzaika and I had to for SBPT tour) you two will have a huge variety of ideas, and thus, more choices to pick from.
  5. Blogging becomes more fun. I donÂ’t think I have to explain this point but I have to tell you that even though IÂ’ve always loved to blog, I think it became more enjoyable when I joined forces with Ruzaika.
  6. Ever felt like your grammar was not perfect in one of your posts, even though you checked it a thousand times? I know that feeling well, but now I can ask Ruzaika to go through my posts before I publish them.

My first and foremost advice to anyone whoÂ’s as shy and uncomfortable with strangers as I am, is to think through if anyone you know, even just through comments he/she leaves on your blog, would make the cut. I think what made this change easy for me was that IÂ’ve already known Ruzi. IÂ’m saying goodbye now, but I hope youÂ’re not because RuziÂ’s going to tell you a bit about herself and our collaboration.

Hello sweeties! I’m Ruzaika, and I’ve just officially joined hands with Veronika at The Regal Critiques.

Even though I had never seriously considered blogging before, I was certainly intrigued when Veronika first popped this question to me. I was definitely nervous- Will people accept me? What if I royally screw up? But Vera was a complete angel and let me come to a decision in my own sweet time. After some thought I decided on taking up her offer, because frankly, what better way to join the blogging community than to team up with someone already experienced, and not to mention, a very good friend?

A little bit of our past- I first came across the amazing Veronika when she was hosting her first blogoversary giveaway. I was compelled to check out her other posts as well because of her totally down-to-earth manner of writing and I noticed that she took the time to reply to each and every comment on her blog! Now that’s what I call a dedicated blogger, I mean, it just felt pleasing to know that she actually checks out all the comments and painstakingly replies to each one. I know very few bloggers do that now-a-days and it’s really nice! Anyway, I found myself frequently checking out her posts even though I didn’t use to read book reviews due to the fact that quite a lot of reviews had spoilt many a book for me in the past. Reading her reviews was like a breathe of fresh air (I swear!) because they were just so honest and appealing.

Well, what really sealed the deal was Michael Moscovitz from The Princess Diaries 😀 I was so excited to find someone whose first book crush had been Michael since he definitely was mine! ThatÂ’s where our friendship started and thatÂ’s what brought us together to the extent of co-blogging. Sounds cheesy, but true! I guess we should be ultimately thankful to Meg Cabot haha.

Anyway, what I want to tell you guys finally is that opportunities, especially ones including lovely co-bloggers, come once in a lifetime. So don’t ever miss them!

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  1. The two of you are definitely the best advocates co-blogging can have! I love your enthusiasm, and I can tell you have a lot of mutual understanding. On the other hand, your personalities are different enough that each of you adds something unique to the blog. I wish you many more years of successful blogging and a lifetime of friendship!

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