Storming the Castle

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A mystery is unfolding over the course of the next six days. Do you have the nerve to to accept the challenge of solving the mystery. Who is the girl behind the blog? Follow all the stops to learn more and to see where the story will go!! Hosted by


As the five sat down, too intrigued to even consider leaving, a mysterious voice, unlike the first one, poured through the walls once more, “Excellent, my dears! So wonderful that you have decided to stay and see the investigation through to the end. Now, if you would be so kind as to read over the case details within the folders upon the tables.” As one, they grabbed a folder and began to read:

Dear Sleuths,

All we know of the missing is, well, rather vague as they were a shadowy member of the Society. But, we are duty bound to locate her, as our foundress, even though we know next to nothing about her.

A love of mysteries and solving them; short, dark hair and eyes are all small characteristics that we know about her. Where she came from, in her words, “Everywhere and yet nowhere,”

Last known location, here, at the Society’s castle; where we held our last meeting as we tried to….well that’s unimportant right now. As far as we knew, she was there and had stepped out to investigate a lead to a case she was working by herself.

You would be well served to search the property for clues as to what may have happened. It is our sincere hope that your fresh eyes will find what we overlooked.

As the last pages were read, one of the visitors notices that there was what appeared to be a photograph lying upon the floor.

[insert photo]

It looked as if someone had been interrupted as they attempted to burn the photograph. But why, why would someone burn a simple picture that captured the castle that we had been summoned to? It makes no sense!

As someone had taken the pangs to try to destroy it, and that it was the final place our missing subject was seen, we marked it down as our first clue and first step towards solving the case of the Society’s missing foundress.

With no other ideas, we set out to explore the grounds in hopes of learning more about where we were and in the hope, however slim, that another opportunity would appear to help us move forward with the case.

If you chose to explore the land, in order to learn more, continue on with reading the story.




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