SBPT Sunday: The Petite Book Blogger

Posted August 16, 2015 by Emily in Blog Tour, Special Feature / 2 Comments

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Today I am really excited to introduce you to Victoria, the Petite Book Blogger! Victoria is a homeschool student who loves museums, traveling and movies. I was so impressed to learn that she is fluent in English and Spanish and working on Italian! She’s obviously smart, working on genealogy with her mother and has remarkable convictions, being a vegetarian for ethical reasons. Besides blogging, her hobby is photography. She was kind enough to allow me to feature a few of her pictures on my blog today.

Photography allows you to see through the artist’s eyes. With these pictures, Victoria gives us a glimpse of her unique vision. She uses lighting and texture in her compositions to create different effects. I especially like her picture of rocks with the intentional or unintentional hearts. I hope you enjoy this rare opportunity to experience a blogger’s other hobby!


Gianna's Pictures 437

Gianna's Pictures 419

Gianna's Pictures 386

Gianna's Pictures 317

 Gianna's Pictures 034

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2 responses to “SBPT Sunday: The Petite Book Blogger

  1. I’m a little envious, because I had proposed the photography post to Victoria myself, but she said it was already taken…now I know who stole it from me LOL (just kidding!).

    I’m impressed too, since I’m a klutz with a camera…also, thumbs up for learning all those different languages – Italian among them!

    Great introduction Emily!

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