Triple T Thursday: Horror Lovers Unite!

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I’ve been thinking about this post all week. I had a lot of ideas, which I wrote down to use in the future. Ultimately though, I decided to go back to my first love: Stephen King. I’ve been fascinated with Stephen King for as long as I can remember. My parents had tall bookcases lining the walls of our house and the shelves were covered with titles like The Stand and Misery. I was told early on that those books were not for me; that I could read them when I was older. I eagerly anticipated it and longed for it and that day finally came in middle school when I picked up:

Stephen King: IT


As a middle schooler, this book changed my life. I probably would be just as much an odd duck without having read it, but it definitely made me feel better about my oddities.  In Stephen King’s IT, evil has taken up residence in a small town. Strange things are happening, people are disappearing, monsters are real and the only people who notice are seven children who have bonded over their mutual oddities and how they never fit in.  These seven best friends named themselves The Losers Club. Who wouldn’t love that? As a misfit myself, I carried IT around and read it and loved every terrifying chapter. If you liked IT or really any other titles by Stephen King, I have a special treat for you.

N0S4A2 by Joe Hill

Logically I know that talent is not genetic. However, living with such talent his entire life must have warped Joe Hill. You see, Joe Hill is Stephen King’s son. Not wanting to ride on his father’s coat-tails, he writes as Joe Hill instead of Joe King so that people would find him and read his books based on his own merit. I think that is a very admirable trait. Especially because Joe Hill is an incredible writer in his own right.

Charles Manx loves children. He lures them into his fancy old car and shows them amazing things. He drives them on the lost and hidden roads all the way to Christmasland. Vic McQueen loves her bike. She can jump on her bicycle and pedal faster than anyone else. When she rides it across an old bridge near her house she travels in her own way. She journeys to where lost things are. With her old bike, Vic can find anything. On one such journey, she runs into Charles, who wants to take her away where she doesn’t want to go. Vic becomes the first child to ever escape. Vic is the one who got away. But Charles doesn’t forget, he’s patient and has all the time in the world. He can wait until Vic has a child of her own.

N0S4A2 is chilling. The imagery and the details crawled into my brain and I thought about them for weeks. Which is exactly how a horror novel should be. It should affect you. IT and N0S4A2 are both about children battling evil. They are both about the mundane becoming special and the strength that lies inside a person. They are both fanciful and weird and yet 100% true in all the ways that matter.

I think that if you liked IT then you will definitely like N0S4A2. Then you can continue and read the rest of Joe Hill’s books.



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