TTT Thursday: I won’t keep you in suspense…

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Don’t worry, I will run out of stupid pun titles soon.

I’m not a huge mystery fan. Mostly its because I’m impatient and I can never wait til the end of the book to find out who did it. I like to flip ahead and see if I’m right. Getting a kindle has curbed my vice of skipping ahead, but in some ways technology makes it worse cause I can find reviews or read wikipedia if I’m really stressing out over not knowing. So mystery isn’t my favorite. Oddly enough though, I love suspense!

My choice this week is Rules of Prey… or really the entire Prey series by John Sandford.

 Rules of Prey cover
I picked the old style cover, since this is how it looked when I first read it.

These were the first suspense novels I ever got caught up in. The reason is because the main character, Lucas Davenport, is kind of a jerk. I’m not sure if you are supposed to like him as a character at first. I didn’t. He’s a tough cop. He likes to punch people. He feels that he can basically do anything he wants as long as the end justifies the means. Still, Lucas is a good guy and you can understand his reasoning for what he does even if its not necessarily ‘right’.

Every book has a killer who is stalking a city for one reason or another. Every book has Lucas being asked to go find them and stop them. John Sandford tells a great story and they are fun to read. What I love most about the Prey books as a series, though, is how Lucas grows and changes. He’s never going to be a saint but he does soften. He starts out as a single guy with one fling after another and ends up a family man. Watch out if you threaten his kids!

So if you like suspense books, you might like…

Heartsick CoverHeartsick by Chelsea Cain

Chelsea Cain’s books are also a series. Instead of being one book, one serial killer (though that is included, the books also focus on two recurring characters, a serial killer and a cop and the weird, twisted relationship between them.

In Heartsick, Archie Sheridan is a broken man. He used to be a police officer on a task for to catch serial killer Gretchen Lowell, the Beauty Killer. Now he sits alone addicted to pain killers and visits Gretchen once a week. While Archie was tracking the Beauty Killer, she had taken notice of him as well. Instead of him catching her, she caught him, kept him and tortured him for 10 days straight. Now those 10 days are the only thing that Archie can think about.

If I like the Prey books because of Lucas Davenport’s growth, then I like this series because of Archie Sheridan’s decline. You wouldn’t think he has too much farther to fall than where he starts the book at, but you would be surprised. There are a lot of twists and turns and Chelsea Cain kept my attention. I didn’t flip to the end once.




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