Twitter Chat Calendar

This calendar will hopefully include all the Twitter Chats in one place so you can find them. Thanks to Nori from ReadWriteLove28 for the great idea and for letting me run with it. If you have a twitter chat you want included, please use the form.

Get your chat on this calendar!! 

Use this form!

19 responses to “Twitter Chat Calendar

  1. This is such a wonderful idea!

    But maybe someone could help me out here… I always have a hard time following chats on Twitter because I usually use my MacBook. I do have a Kindle Fire. Are there any apps out there that would make following chats easier? Like everything all in one place instead of seeing a mess in the hashtag?

    • Emily

      Thanks Heather! I like being able to see them all on a calendar so I can make plans. I’m a visual, calendar kind of person.

    • Emily

      Not stupid! These embedded Google calendars are getting more popular so let me tell you how to find out. Look at the bottom left corner and it will show the time zone. In this case, Eastern!

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