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Z Resurrected Tour: Eric A Shelman InterviewZ Resurrected by Tom Leveen, Joe McKinney, Eric a Shelman, Mark Tufo, T.M. Williams, Dana Fredsti
Series: Dead Hunger #5.5, Ashley Parker, Zombie Fallout
Published by Half Light Publishing on October 15th 2015
Genres: horror
Pages: 315
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In this anthology, six horror authors revisit some of their most infamous zombie characters, resurrecting the undead.
Contributing authors to Z Resurrected are some of horrorÂ’s best, who have each carved a distinct path in the world of zombies: Dana Fredsti, Tom Leveen, Joe McKinney, Eric A. Shelman, Mark Tufo, and T.M. Williams.

Please tell me about the world your stories are set in. How did the zombie apocalypse happen?

Our story begins in June of 2011 in Georgia and Florida. The zompoc begins when a fissure opens in the planet, and an ancient gas ­ from the planet’s creation ­ begins to seep from every surface of the planet, affecting 90% of all living beings. There is a particular toxic compound on earth found in some particular plants, and if you are that, you are also immune to the zombie virus.

Tell me about your zombies. Are they Fast or Slow? Smart or instinct driven?

There are two types of zombies in Dead Hunger; Mothers and Hungerers. The mothers were pregnant at the time of their “change”. The Hungerers are everyone else. While the Hungerers are slow, the Mothers can strategize to a degree, and can ultimately control the movements of the Hungerers. Hungerers are slow and plodding, using mostly sight to detect food; they do not have good hearing (rotted eardrums) and do not smell as they do not breathe. The Mothers have bursts of tremendous speed, and can even leap into the air when they want to get a bit closer to you …

What sets your zombies or your world apart and makes it different?

See the above. Part of their offensive tools include a chloroform ­like eye vapor that emits when prey is close. If they haven’t eaten, they cannot generate it in amounts that would really knock their prey out, but if they have, the vapor will take you down and put you out until you are awakened by touch. If not touched, the affected will eventually awaken, but it will be hours later.

Where does this story fall in your series? Is it a prequel or does it fall between books?

This story falls before book six. My series is different in that typically, a different character will tell each book’s story. Flex Sheridan tells the first chronicle, Gem Cardoza tells the second one, Hemp and Charlie tell the third, the fourth is in 3rd­person, then Dave Gammon tells the fifth story. Flex and Gem tell the sixth story, the seventh book goes back to 3rd person, and Nelson Moore (introduced in book #4) tells the eighth story. In this 25,000 word tale about Tony Mallette, he tells the entire story, beginning at his own beginning of the apocalypse, and telling the story until he meets up with our main group. His story takes place in Brooklyn and Shelburne, Vermont.

I see that your series is 8 books long, how much prior knowledge do I need to enjoy this story?

Since I recount most of the important details before getting deep into the story of each book, they could likely be enjoyed individually. I also do that with The Tony Mallette Story. I don’t think it would be too bad to just read Tony’s story, but there are inevitably some spoilers in there that unfold naturally in the regular series.

Please tell me about the series of books that this story is a part of.

Dead Hunger is an epic ­ it begins in 2011 and is anticipated to end in 2029. I am writing the last book as this interview is being conducted! It is VERY unique, and I can comfortably say that nobody has ever done what I have done with the zombie apocalypse, from the cause to Urushiol, WAT­5, the Red­eyes (Mothers) and the regular rotters (Hungerers.) Not to mention Maestro and Abbadon, a couple of the most bad­ass villains ever created! (Books 7 and 8, respectively.)

How long would you survive if the events in your books actually happened?

I’d like to think I’d be smart enough to get my ass away from population centers and focus on gathering firearms and hitting the woods with the best camping equipment I could steal ­ or a damned fine RV, complete with generator.

Is there a particular reason you felt drawn to writing about zombies?

Mark Tufo’s book, “Zombie Fallout” made me want to give writing zombies a try. Before that, I’d just write the kind of horror that struck me ­ like my latest book, Scabs: The Gemini Exception, or The Camera: Bloodthirst, or Shifting Fears. All horror, but all different.

Do you have any other books outside of the Dead hunger Series?

1. Out of The Darkness: The Story of Mary Ellen Wilson
2. Case #1: The Mary Ellen Wilson Files
3. A Reason To Kill
4. Shifting Fears
5. The Witches of Laguna Beach
6. The Camera: Bloodthirst
7. Scabs: The Gemini Exception.

15 books altogether until I complete the final book in the Dead Hunger series, Dead Hunger IX: The Cleansing, due out in December of 2015.

Where can we find out more about your and your books?

All sorts of places, but www.ericshelman.com, www.facebook.com/createyourfate, www.facebook.com/AuthorShelman, www.twitter.com/authorshelman, and there’s goodreads, smashwords, and of course … just Google me!

Author Bio

eric a shelmanWhen Eric started his writing career, an outsider would never have guessed he would eventually write about witches, serial killers and zombies. His first actual book release was Out of the Darkness: The Story of Mary Ellen Wilson, co-authored by Dr. Stephen Lazoritz. It is about the first successful rescue of an abused child in America. Little Mary Ellen was a 9-year-old who was rescued in 1874 by the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. The ASPCA.

His writing career began in the late 1980s in a very low-key way; writing short horror story after short horror story with really no idea how to go about it. He had poor character development, minimal plot lines and probably every other bad habit of inexperienced authors.

Check him out on YouTube. Just punch in “Eric Shelman Brown Eyed Girl.” That video is approaching 4,000,000 hits.

So check out his writing. Download a sample for Kindle if you like. He thinks you’ll like his style, because he writes very conversationally – he’s not interested in creating prose that dances around your head before dropping into your ears. He gets to the point, but does it with some skill.

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